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KONEXPERT (Structural/Construction Experts) d.o.o, with multiple years of experience in civil engineering consulting in Bosnia-Herzegovina and surrounding countries is certainly a very powerfull ally if one is investigating business operations in these areas.

We worked on projects in Sarajevo, Mostar, Banja Luka and Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia wide. If you require assistance with your construction projects in Bosnia, then you are in right place.

Some of the projects we worked on, include the bridge on Una River in Bosnia and Herzegovina, project management on different types of Power plants including Hydro and thermal power plants.

We assisted in the making of the feasibility study for the biggest project in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the local area the Corridor Vc.

In our offer of project management, supervision and consulting we include services ranging from precommencement, during and postconstruction.

More about the services we offer, you can find on the Services page.

We are located in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and are one of Few Construction Consulting Firms that offer this kind of range of services supported by such extended field of experience.
Bistrik St. 22,
71000 Sarajevo, BiH

mob.tel.: +387 61 183 873
Tel.: +387 33 238 154
+387 33 467 796
Fax.: +387 33 238 154
+387 33 467 796


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